GSM 3G/4G/5G

Premier Technologies technicians and field engineers are busy with installing the latest cellular technology 5G.

Our team has started with installing 3G, 4G equipment through a small team. Our humble beginning led us to our footprint today including big team working with 5G installing and maintenance services.


We are providing the most innovative, technologically advanced microwave communications solutions. As a leading expert in wireless transport solutions and with over 12 years providing professional and support services to communications service providers and private network operators.


We provide integrated telecommunications solutions and services, we are combining our extensive local knowledge, experience and expertise to bring a new approach to fiber deployment programs high level design, detailed design, survey testing & certification that delivers timely, cost efficient & successful results.


We offer installation, design, and maintenance of all aspects of OSP (Ducts/Manholes/Hand Hold, LMC/Feeder, Cabling & Splitting from FDTs to OTBs/ODBs/OSBs, Closures/Channels Installation and Jointing, copper and fiber optic cabling infrastructures) & ISP  ( Survey/Planning/Designing/Implementation/ and project management) which enable your business with optimal bandwidth.